Atheism is full of wild accusations against God. Atheists seem to deliberately go out of their way to antagonize Christians when they have the chance. What atheism argues against God will make no sense to a Christian. They proclaim that God is not love. They don’t believe in his grace. Even though Mark may not be published or on the speaking circuit, he is one of many postmodern atheists openly proclaiming the anti-God message. They are as adamant as most any Christian evangelist and maybe even more eager to proclaim their message than is the average Christian. For this reason alone, it’s not quite fair to criticize Mark because I’m sure God would probably like to have his fervor, if not his philosophies, in his camp.

Gary Habermas, a distinguished research professor and chair of the department of philosophy and theology at Liberty University, writes that:

“Leaders of the New Atheism such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris have been referred to as atheistic evangelicals, secular fundamentalists, preachers, and so on. These epitaphs are apparent references to the zeal, fervor, and bombastic methods with which they not only write, but perhaps apply even more to their public presentations, debates, and interviews.”

Over the course of our Facebook conversation, Mark mentioned many of these same authors. It was obvious he is familiar with them. I read Max Lucado and Francis Chan. Mark reads philosophies from the likes of Dawkins and Hitchens. Even though he will never claim to have faith as Christians possess it, it will be clearly evident by the arguments he presents that he has complete faith that God does not and cannot exist. He may even have more faith that God does not exist than some Christians may have that God does. He will present his theories on why God is, at best, detestable and, ultimately, a myth. His theories are all part of his atheist evangelism and are not exclusive to him.

Check out the non-profit website if you doubt the atheists’ veracity. There, you can review such hot topics as: “Jesus Lied” and “God is Impossible.” It appears likely that if a post or paper like this one were ever viewed by the editor, it would be ridiculed on this website.

Posts to follow will also present some of the scientific alternatives Mark has for God, or any other deity. Just to be clear, Mark believes in no deity and that all religions are baseless. In fact, he believes they cause more harm in the world than they do good. To counter, he points to renowned scientists and popular theories, especially Darwin and his theories of evolution and origins of life. Through these arguments, it will be evident that his god is science. His views are not completely unique to himself. They are shared by a community of atheists and scientists. All of the theories, though, will ultimately prove only one theory. The faith of this particular atheist is as strong in support of his scientific beliefs and dismissal of an all-knowing God as the faith a Christian must have in order to be a follower of God.

More to come…


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