The Faith of an Atheist


A friend of mine posted a verse of scripture on Facebook exalting God in some scriptural way that I can’t even remember. An atheist I didn’t not know responded to the post with a question to the effect of, if God could regenerate the tail of a salamander, why would he not want to regenerate a human’s limb? I didn’t respond immediately but…Read More.


Atheism is full of wild accusations against God. Atheists seem to deliberately go out of their way to antagonize Christians when they have the chance. What atheism argues against God will make no sense to a Christian. They proclaim that God is not love. They don’t believe in his grace. Even though Mark may not be published or on the… Read More.


Make no mistake, engaging a hard-core atheist can be extremely frustrating for a Christian. It requires a Christian to live out Galatians 5:22-23. If we treat atheists with love, joy (which will be toughest), peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, we cannot lose…in God’s eyes at least. What we… Read More.


Ever look up those verses of scripture you see on signs at sporting events? We see John 3:16 prominently displayed on signs behind goalposts. We see Philippians 4:13 on Tim Tebow’s eye-black. Other athletes have tattoos of their favorite scriptures. As Christians, we love seeing those types of conspicuous references. Those passages warm… Read More.


Mark barely accepts any modern translations of the Bible, yet he quotes very little original Hebrew or Greek. So, today’s independent Christian interpretations of scripture do not mean much to him. In fact, he mocks the need for so many translations. They lead to too many inconsistent human interpretations. I, too, feel like hundreds of… Read More.


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