Conversations in Heaven


Long ago in a heaven far, far away…

“Father, is it time yet?”

“No Son, not yet…but soon.”

“Tell me how long it will take again, Father.”

“Six days[1] Son, but when the time is right.”

“Will you need help Father?”

“Yes Son, from you and The Spirit. We’ll all have a part.”

“What about Lucifer? You know he wants to be involved in all the important decisions.”

“No Son, he will not be needed. Together with The Spirit, you and I are God alone.”

“You know he won’t be pleased Father.”

“Yes Son, I know. I will explain when the time is right. He has a role here and I can either accept it or…Everyone here has a purpose.”


“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, NIV)

“Father, it’s been about a million years[2] since you created this particular set heavens and everything under it and You’ve done so much on that earth[3] in that time. Ya know, all the different life forms and all the different things you did with the water. We were especially fond of the dinosaurs[4], by the way. We were wondering, though, if you have decided what you want to do now with these heavens and this earth?”

“Yep, Son and Spirit, I have. It’s going to be the greatest of my creations to date. Spirit, you’ve been down there hovering over the waters, what do you think?”

“I wouldn’t dare venture a guess as to your creativity, Father!”

“Oh, it’s alright Spirit, you know I love revealing myself to those who ask.”

“C’mon, pull back the veil!”

“Well, the first revelation is that we have to define and categorize this thing that our greatest creation will call “time.” It’s really hard for us to imagine, I know, since we have always existed but this will be a really big deal soon. More to come on it.”

“Sounds really interesting Father. The Son and I look forward to our place in ‘time.’ You’re off to an interesting start, as usual.”

“You are right Spirit. Defining ‘time’ is a really big deal and it will sorta be defined by the things I’ll tell The Son and you next.”

“Do tell Father, The Spirit and I are totally committed.”

“Well, let’s get to this thing called time. You both know this glorious light we enjoy here? Well, we’re going to put a little bit of that in the newly created heavens and the earth. We’re just going to use a few stars[5] and one, in particular, is going to illuminate the special earth we’ve been talking about. It will split the darkness and when there has been one span of light and one span of darkness, we’ll call it a ‘day,’ the most important element of ‘time’ I told you about.”

“Not sure why it’s necessary, but we get it Father.”

“Here’s why it’s important Son. I’m going to create a line of beings in our image.”

“Wait, what do you mean in our image, Father? I’m a spirit.”

“The image of love, Spirit. We are the essence of love and these beings will be made to love, similar to us. I will give them an innate compassion for their fellow ‘human’ beings — we’ll call these being humans but we’ll develop more on what we’ll call them later. Their instincts will be to be kind and generous, to love every other human being as we will love them.”

“This is exciting, a whole new life form for us to relate to.”

“You are absolutely right Son. I will also give them free will to choose whatever they wish and they will have an engrained desire to choose to enter into a relationship with us.”

“As always, your creativity is over the top Father. This may be your greatest revelation ever!”

“Yeah, Son, this is going to be special but we’ve got to spend a few ‘days’ creating an environment for the human beings to reside. Wait until you see what I’ve got in store for their earth.”

[1] One way humans would break down timeframes.
[2] “With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.” (2 Peter 3:8, NIV)
[3] What humans would later call the planet where all human history has originated.
[4] What humans would later call the prehistoric reptile-like animals.
[5] What humans would eventually call the sun and all the light producing objects in the sky.