Thou Shall Not Populate Hell


I’m uncomfortable with the passive Christian life I’m leading. I wasn’t saved to just sit in the pew one day a week. I’m uncomfortable with people around me going to hell. I’m uncomfortable with the fact that I might be the one sending them there. I’m God’s ambassador, His missionary, His voice, and possibly the only Bible some…Read More.


I love the band Casting Crowns. When I first heard them I was a fan, albeit not a huge fan. I preferred praise music and while the Crowns sing a lot of praise music, they also hit me hard with challenging song lyrics I wasn’t really ready for at the time. Deep down, I probably found the challenging lyrics a bit offensive. What this man needed…Read More.


A good friend of mine in our small group study (which we call our Connections Group) uses the term “populate Heaven.”  I latched on to it and have tried to live by it as Jesus says in Matthew 5:16. This has worked for me most of the past five years or so. It appears to have worked so well, in fact, that I once had someone at work say…Read More.


So, how do I let my light shine as a Christian? It takes faith first, but we can’t be Christians without serving. The term “Christian” simply means “little Christs.” Jesus himself stated that he came to Earth to serve, therefore, if I want to be a little Christ, I have to serve. I should want to serve. In my readings of the Bible, I’ve found 12 core…Read More.

GOD COMMANDS, I RESPOND (To The Six Commandments)

Lisa was a friend of mine. We were not extremely close friends but we became friends through working together on websites where I used to work. It was a long-distance friendship that conintued mostly through electronic media, namely e-mail and Facebook…..Read More.


Why is it so hard to obey God and put him first? Let’s face it, when we really examine our lives, these four commandments are probably the hardest to obey most of the time. There could be an argument that God listed the Ten Commandments in order of importance. At the very least he put the ones that dealt solely with him at the beginning,….Read More.

GOD COMMANDS, I RESPOND (To The Four Commandments)

So, let me work backwards. The fourth commandment, about the Sabbath, is the easiest for me to keep. I really don’t have any problem resting on the seventh day, or the first day of the week as we celebrate it here in the western world. It’s pretty easy for me to come home from church, kick back all day and watch football or doze off in my….Read More.


To most of us who have grown up in Sunday school, we have come to know the 31st verse as “The Greatest Commandment.” If we are truly men and women after God’s heart, then we know this to be accurate. At the core of God’s holiness is love. What Jesus was really doing by issuing these commands was simply boiling the Ten….Read More.


Did you know that Jesus talked more about Hell than he did Heaven? Kind of strange that Jesus would talk about the one place he spends the least amount of his time. If Jesus talked about it, then it’s real. I don’t consider anything Jesus said to be anything less than the gospel, literally. This place must have been pretty important to Jesus….Read More.

GOD COMMANDS, I RESPOND (To Love All, Serve All)

Want to know why I really stink at love all, serve all? I don’t have unconditional love. When I’m honest with myself, I’d probably conclude that I don’t really love everyone unconditionally. I say I love my children unconditionally and I am positive that I do and I hope none of them ever seriously challenge me on that. I will profess to love…Read More.


So just what are all the previous commandments of scripture leading up to? The Ten Commandments center around our reverence to God and not doing harm to our fellow man. The love commandment centers around loving and serving our fellow man. Well, is there any better way to please God, do humankind well, love them and serve…Read More.


If you boil down all of the ways we can honor God, love God, love mankind and serve mankind, then witnessing is it. If you want to boil down all the ways we can “go therefore,” baptize and teach others, then witnessing is it. Acts 1:8 is part two of the command Jesus gave in Matthew 28. Caring about where others spend eternity is the ultimate…Read More.


I love Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life. I read it the for the first time about five years ago and it changed my life. It got my life back on track and I’ve read it twice since then as refreshers. If there is anything good in me now, I owe a lot of the transformation to this book. The 40 Days of Purpose study we did with it…Read More.


I love the band Casting Crowns. When I first heard them I was a fan, but not a huge fan. I preferred praise music and while the Crowns sing a lot of praise music, they also hit me hard with challenging song lyrics I wasn’t really ready for at the time. My wife got us to a live Crowns concert in 2008 and my impression of the band changed…Read More.


Jerry was a co-worker of mine at the French Lick Casino. He had one of those jobs no one else really ever lines up to do. He was an attendant in our employee dining room. Even though our food was free to all employees at the time, I’m sure half of what Jerry heard was complaints about the quality and selection of food and requests and…Read More.


They say there are only two things certain in life: death and taxes. Well, that’s really only half correct. Not everyone in the world pays taxes but everyone in the world is guaranteed to die, or at least until the book of Revelation is completely revealed. So, it’s best to prepare for the inevitable. We prepare for our kid’s college. We prepare to…Read More.


According to the Bible, though, Hades is just the first, temporary second death and Matthew indicates God will definitely send people to eternal damnation. If Hades is the warm-up (pun intended) for the permanent second death, what must this final second death like? Apparently, it’s a whole lot worse than Hades. It’s really hard to…Read More.


So, how do I let my light shine as a Christian? It takes faith and obeying all of God’s commandments, but we can’t be faithful or obedient Christians without serving. The term “Christian,” in its simplest form, means “little Christ.” Jesus himself stated that he came to Earth not to serve, but to serve people. Therefore, if I want to be a little…Read More.


I’m like you; I’ve never taken a person’s earthly life. I can’t imagine what it would take to do that. I never want to see a person’s life leave their body at my hand. But, am I sure I’ve never taken someone’s life?…Read More.


Both of my papaws were rural mail carriers all of their working lives. This profession allowed them to establish relationships and make a lot of friends. In the heyday of the U.S. Postal Service, mail involved a lot of personal business and my papaws were trusted and loved by everyone who lived at the addresses where they delivered. My…Read More.


Who is more dependent on the kindness, gentleness and goodness of another person other than a child? They cannot earn wages on their own and have no resources at their discretion. They are not capable of building their own shelter. They can’t transport themselves in any efficient fashion. They can’t grow or gather their own…Read More.


There was a very popular rock and roll song from 1976 by the band Blue Oyster Cult called “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.” In that song are the lyrics, “40,000 men and women everyday…Redefine happiness.” I’m not suggesting 40,000 men and women every day meet the reaper (even the writer of the song admits he guessed at the amount…Read More.


Perhaps the greatest demonstration of love that has occurred in my lifetime happened in Pennsylvania Amish country on October 2, 2006. The story of an Amish school-shooting in a community in Lancaster County received national attention not just for the incident, but also for the way the Amish community reacted to it. I have no personal…Read More.


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